SQ5 3.0 BiTDI

(8R) 2012-2016ENGINE CODE – CGQB | CVUB | DEHA

Stage 1 – you should see around 380-400ps and 750-780nm

We would require a deposit of £150 to secure your booking. We would require your car to be with us for a couple of hours to carry out the work.

Please make sure your car arrives with at least half a tank of fuel.

Please make sure that you mention all work you’re wanting to be carried out before booking in so that we can schedule this into the diary accordingly.

Mentioning work when you drop your car off means that we will run into delays as it was not scheduled in the diary.

Labour Description QTY Unit Price Discount Price
Stage 1 tune 1 £541.67   £541.67
Gearbox tune 1 £500.00 Less 100% £500.00
      Labour Sub Total £791.67
      Net Subtotal £791.67
      Vat @ 20% £158.33
      Total £950.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the below questions to see if it answers your query before ringing the office


Please make sure your car arrives with at least half a tank of fuel and is always run on the best fuel, either Tesco 99 Momentum or Shell Vpower


Please be aware that old coilpacks can fail when running more power, causing a misfire, please make sure you have newest revision coilpacks before booking in, or let us know and we can add these to the estimate and replace on the day.


Please note our hourly rate is £104+VAT, our discounted labour rate is £87.50+VAT when we are tuning the car and all parts are supplied by ourselves at MRC Tuning.

Any parts discounts shown only apply if all work quoted is performed by MRC Tuning.